We empower schools to enhance their athlete branding and team visibility with comprehensive data integration and personalized insights, driving opportunities and engagement. We will custom fit our solution to fill your specific needs.

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Live Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate and monitor athletic, social and academic data in real time for up-to-date brand assessments.

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Instant Performance Insights

Access immediate insights on athlete and team performance to make informed decisions quickly.

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Brand Sentiment Analysis

Track and analyze public sentiment across social media platforms to gauge and improve brand perception.

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Data Driven Insights

Utilize comprehensive data to make informed decisions on recruitment, branding strategies, and athlete development programs.

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360 Athlete View

Access detailed profiles that integrate athletic performance, academic achievements, and social influence, securing more NIL opportunities for your athletes.

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Enhanced Visibility

Showcase your school's brand and athlete achievements to attract top talent and engage with perspective students and partners.

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Quantified Brand Strength

The Brandlete Score quantifies each athlete's brand strength, providing a clear metric for assessing their marketability and overall influence.

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Powerful Recruiting Tool

Use Brandlete Scores to evaluate and compare athletes, helping your school attract top talent by showcasing their strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

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NIL & Market Value Insight

Equip brands and partners with a reliable metric to assess athletes for NIL deals and other opportunities, while helping your school understand the fair market value of your athletes under the new legislation changes.

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